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How to Free Merge FLV ?

FLV Editor Pro

FLV Editor Pro

FLV Editor Pro is the fantastic conversion tool for edit FLV. Along with the program, you can convert FLV to AVI, FLV to MPEG, FLV to MP4, FLV to WMV, FLV to MP3, et as well as edit FLV by its powerful editing functions.
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How to Free Merge FLV

How to merge multiple FLV files into one movie to watch? Is there a question mark in your mind when you enjoy video clips of a hot movie on YouTube or just want to merge local FLV files into a funny and creative video? It is not hard as long as you have the desirable FLV merging tool.

Moyea FLV Editor Pro is the powerful conversion and editing software. However, if you do not need conversion function and just require FLV merging feature, FLV Editor Pro is a free tool to merge FLV for you. Download the trial version and get it with free function: Join and merge FLV. Since it is a free function, then there is no watermark or interferential sound.

Now let’s learn about how to merge FLV for free:

  • Download FLV Editor Pro from our web site for free merging FLV tool.
  • Free Merge FLV

  • Import FLV into the program.
  • Double click the blank area of the sequence list to import local FLV to the program. Or run FLV Downloader by hitting Tools icon. The downloaded FLV files will appear in Downloaded FLV tab. You can drag FLV directly to the sequence list for input.

    Import FLV

  • Merge FLV into one sequence.
  • Select more than one video clip and click Merge icon. (Note: select video clip and not the sequence). You have two choices: Merge or Copy Merge. Merge option indicates you choose cut and merge FLV while Copy Merge stands for copying and merging FLV. If you want to trim FLV length, drag the slide bar to set it. This is also a free function.

    Merge FLV

  • Output FLV without recoding.
  • This program provides many output formats. But for free function: Merge FLV, you can only choose to generate FLV without recoding. It means if your original FLV is encoded with flash 8, then the output FLV is still encoded Flash 8. Just merge FLV into one movie for continuous enjoying without any interruption.

    Output FLV

    Click Export icon to output, specify where to save your merged FLV on your PC and choose the option: FLV without recoding. If you want to edit later, you can save it as a project file ending with *.ftvx.

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