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YouTube FLV Downloader

YouTube FLV Downloader

The best Flash video downloader can help you free download any videos from Google Video or any other video-sharing websites.
Free Download YouTube FLV Downloader

There are many video-sharing websites in the Internet. Google Video is just such a popular online video website that is on a par with YouTube, where people upload and share those original and funny videos on it. So when you happen to find some which are quite useful and significant, you may want to keep them on your hard drive. Or you cannot watch them smoothly for the bad Internet connection so you want to enjoy them offline. Unfortunately all these online videos are not allowed to be downloaded. Is there any way to solve this problem? Here I recommend you a great online FLV Downloader – Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader. It is one powerful downloading tool. With which you can easily free download FLV videos from Google video or any other website like YouTube, CBS, MTV, etc. directly. This simple guide will introduce an easiest way to download Google video.


First of all, you can free download the gorgeous Free Flash Downloader here, install and run it. You may see the friendly user interface after closing the pop-up tutorial window:


Free FLV Downloader

Then follow the steps to download Flash video clips from online Google video:


Step 1: Go to Google Video website
The Free Flash Video Downloader has a video website library which covers overwhelming majority of website such as Google Video, YouTube, Myspace, Veoh, Boxee, Yahoo!video etc. Please directly click Google Video in the library. Or you can type in the URL of the video website that you are going to download. You can open several website at one time like other browsers.


Open online video website


Step 2: Auto-detect URL for download
Once you opened the website and played the video, the program will auto-capture the right URL.


Play online Flash and auto-detect


Step 3: Start Google Video downloading
Specify the video URL you want to download in the detection list and then click start_to_download_button to start new download task.


Specify and start downloading google video


A New Downloader window will show up. Fill in the blank in “Save as” and you can rename the downloaded google video. Otherwise the program will save the downloaded Flash video file as its default name. To set output folder, please click “Browse” button in “Save to” section. Also you can choose to save the downloaded video in Movie or Music under the Library.


New Download


Once the above settings are done, please click “OK” to start download Flash Video from Google Video. After the tasks are finished, you can find the downloaded FLV video in your destination folder or in the “Downloaded” section.



This Google Video downloader supports batch downloading. You can download multiple files (up to five) simultaneously. And in the downloading task list, you can know specific information like name, size, progress, elapsed time, time remaining, speed etc.


If you plan to watch the downloaded movies or music on your portable devices like iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Torch, Droid X, and other portable media devices, there is another good tool – Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro which can help you easily download and convert any online videos to other video/audio format without quality loss.


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