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YouTube FLV Downloader

YouTube FLV Downloader

This all-in-one downloader is featured by multi-threading and automatic URL parsing, and can record and download FLV from all sites effectively. It is 100% free!
Free Download YouTube FLV Downloader

Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader, the powerful free FLV YouTube Downloader, I really love it. Since the time I got it, I can freely obtain most of the FLV resources from the Internet without paying even one cent!


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Now, I would like to share with you guys all what I know about this powerful and free YouTube FLV downloader.


What’s distinctive comparing with free YouTube FLV Downloader?


All streaming media protocols supported
The YouTube Grabber and YouTube FLV Downloader software supports HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, REMPTE protocols. This indicates from now on, you can download YouTube FLV videos not only from YouTube, Google Video, anyway those HTTP protocol based webs. Instead, you can also download FLV/F4V videos from Fox, Pandora, etc. This means with this free YouTube FLV download tool, you can enjoy most of the Internet FLV YouTube videos with ease.


Real URL capturing
For a lot of popular YouTube FLV downloader or FLV YouTube Grabber, if you just copy a video URL from the URL address, e.g. you copy, and then paste this address to the related FLV YouTube downloader; you may find the program just does not work. By using Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader, you won’t suffer from any similar problem because it can always capture the real URL of a video! The real URL of the above example is By using this real URL you can freely and easily download the YouTube FLV videos you want in a simple way.


Friendly user interface
The Foxreal YouTube downloading tool offers a simple and friendly user interface. It is very easy to use and operate for both newbies and professionals. Besides, those key functional sections are clearly located in the corresponding areas based on users’ preferences. Even a new user, he or she can be quickly familiar with the use of this free YouTube FLV Downloader software.



YouTube video manager
Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader integrates resources very well. With the built-in library, you can arrange your Flash video easily; create your own favorite playlist. This kind of design will greatly facilitate users’ resource classification, and general management. For instance, if you have downloaded a YouTube FLV movie from, you can do the related configuration before downloading and when finished, the movie will be automatically classified to the “Downloaded > Movie”. You could easily find the movie and quickly enjoy it. This implies you can put movies in one group and music in another.


Multi-thread supported
Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader improves its downloading process. It supports multi-thread downloading which simply means faster download speed. You can set the maximum thread counts based on your bandwidth.


Independent video player
The free FLV YouTube Downloader program provides a video player by which you can playback those downloaded FLV/F4V/AVI etc from YouTube or any other vide-share websites offline easily and quickly. Also it looks very beautiful.


Video search function
By using the search function, you can find any history YouTube FLV videos downloaded by the free FLV YouTube Downloader software or those ones you classify them to the specific folders.


Currently, the Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader program cannot be run on MAC OS.
Learn more about how to download Flash video for YouTube here.
Don’t forget it is 100% free.

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