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How to Create a Project File for Editing FLV Later?

FLV Editor Pro

FLV Editor Pro

FLV Editor Pro is the fantastic conversion tool for edit FLV. Along with the program, you can convert FLV to AVI, FLV to MPEG, FLV to MP4, FLV to WMV, FLV to MP3, et as well as edit FLV by its powerful editing functions.
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What is the project file of FLV Editor Pro:

*.ftvx file is the project file of FLV Editor Pro. This kind of file contains the edited FLV sequences. After closing the program, you can open the project file to continue editing FLV for later use. The function is specially designed for convenient use of personal entertainment or business affair.

Why need a project file:

Sometimes we output edited files and need to reuse it for specific usage. We save as a project file for use next time. Therefore, it saves our time and energy a lot and avoids repeated work. In addition, the project file is convenient for mobile officing. The portable file gives what you need when you are on move. Do not need uninstall or install complicated process at all. Due to these two points, we can see that the function to create project file for edited FLV is really important and useful.

How to create a project file:

Launch FLV Editor Pro and import FLV into the program. In the toolbar, there are three icons for project files. As you see in the following picture:

flv converter 3.0

Then it is time to edit FLV video clips. With this program, you can trim and crop the video, add watermark and set transparent background, insert special effects as well as merging FLV files. You can customize FLV to create your own FLV movie.

After editing FLV files, click the yellow icon to save edited FLV files as a project file and name it on your PC. If you want to create another project, just click the first icon to make a new one. When you want to go on editing FLV or take it for use on move, what you need to do is to open the project file by hitting folder icon in the toolbar or double click the project file. It is very easy.

The program will auto prompt whether you want to save the edited FLV to a project file when you shut down the program. You can choose Yes or No.

edit FLV video

The shortcut key for project file:

New: Ctrl+N

Open: Ctrl+O

Save: Ctrl+S

Save As: Ctrl+Alt+S



The shortcut key for project file

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