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Flash Video MX Pro

Flash Video MX Pro

Moyea Flash Video MX Pro, with the main function of video to Flash, SWF conversion, supports H.264, Flash 8 alpha video, F4V video encoding, CuePoint and basic video editing! It provides also vivid video effects, a preloader, and a Flash Player,etc
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Codec is the blending of “Encoder” and “Decoder”.Encoding is the process of transforming information from one format into another, the computer program or application for this job is called encoder. The opposite operation is called decoding, and the program for this job is named decoder.

What is FLV Codec?

FLV Codecis to be an FLV encoder and an FLV decoder. FLV encoder is to transform information from one audio/video file to FLV file, while the decoder is to convert one FLV file to an audio/video file. The encoder that Moyea offers for users is Flash Video MX Pro, while the decoder is the FLV to Video Converter.

Flash Video MX Pro is to convert videos/audios in various formats: AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, MOV, ASF, MP3, MP4, VOB, MP3, etc. to Flash, Flash video files. In addition to its intuitive and instructive interfaces, the powerful functions like: attractive flash player controls, dazzling video effects, movie cropping, trimming, text and logo watermarking, movie intro& outro settings, web-ready HTML file auto generation, preloading, big play button, customizable controls, buffer time, etc. are as extras. Cue points for ActionScript are much in favor of professional users, while the batch mode conversion saves every user’s valuable time and energy.

FLV to Video Converter Pro is a professional FLV-based video encoder. It can not only convert FLV files of all types to videos in AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, MOV, ASF, MP3, MP4, VOB, MP3, etc. but the specific video formats for portable devices are available as well, like iPod Video, PSP Video, Zune Video, 3GP video, WMA audio, MP3 audio, NTSC DV Video, Mobile Video, etc. With a combination of high conversion quality, efficiency, and enhanced functions, like: video cropping, logo & text watermarking, etc. it has been rated as the top one in the crowd of similar products.

What can you benefit from Flash Video MX Pro?

As a web designer, it is always head-scratching problems arising in architecture and art design. With the auto HTML file with FLV, Flash Player embedded, it is going to be an easy thing of several clicks to create a video webpage.

For businessmen, the benefit is as obvious as you can see in text &logo watermarking for video delivery through the Internet for worldwide market promotion, as FLV is the most preferred and proprietary format for Flash embedding.

For blog masters and homepage owners, it is much helpful to create a YouTube-like video in the blog. With this program, you can enjoy the same amazement that YouTube has brought you. Customizable playback controls enable you to pause, play, and navigate the video, etc.

For individual hobbists, it is amazement sometimes to do a little project that could bring fun to yourself, your family and friends.

What can you benefit from FLV to Video Converter?

FLV to Video Converter can dare to say it will benefit every portable device owner in converting FLV files from YouTube, Dailymotion, Myspace, Yahoo TV, etc. to portable device compatible media formats, which enables you to enjoy the movies wherever you are.

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