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Convert FLV to AVI video with DIVX codec to author a desired video with your favorite FLV movie!

Pavtube FLV/F4V Converter

Pavtube FLV/F4V Converter

Pavtube CUDA FLV Converter now can convert all encoded FLV/F4V videos to other video formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, DVD, VCD, SVCD, FLV (Sorenson H.263), FLV (H.264), SWF etc with ease.
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FLV (Flash Video) is a tailored video format for Flash. It is a Flash-oriented video format used to deliver video over the internet with Adobe Flash Player. The advantage in it is that when loaded to the SWF file, it will not bulge up the SWF file size as other video formats do. It can be catalogued into two kinds, one is outside FLV, and the other is embedded FLV in SWF. Hot video websites using FLV format are YouTube, Myspace, Google Video,, and Yahoo! Video, etc. What is AVI video with DIVX codec?

AVI video with DIVX codec is a highly compressed video format, based on MPEG-4 standard. DIVX video encoding technology can compress the MPEG-2 format video file into 10% of its original size. It can compress the VHS format video into 1% of the original video size. Through equipments like wideband DSL or cable Moden, etc, it's easy for you to enjoy a full-screen video with high quality. The audio or video quality is nearly the same with DVD video. No matter audio or video quality is nearly the same with DVD video. At the same time, it is acceptable to other video sets like Pocket PC, etc

In order to enjoy or just store the excellent FLV files from popular video websites, like YouTube, MySpace, or Google TV. The very first thing is to convert FLV files into AVI video with DivX codec.

Well, I'd like to share with you the step-by-step tutorial on the FLV to AVI video with DivX codec with Foxreal FLV Converter.

1. Launch the all-in-one FLV to AVI Converter.
You will see the interface below immediately after starting.



2. Add FLV
Click on the button on the tool bar to import your target FLV files into the program. You will see the pop-up window below. You can select an FLV file to preview.



3. Edit

There are several tags in this section, Trim, Crop, Text Watermark, Image/Video Watermark, Effect and Audio Replace.



4. Settings

Click "Settings"and you could start to adjust the settings of the FLV for your AVI video. Select "AVI DivX"in the drop-down list in the Format box, and then you can set the video and audio codecs, bit rate, sample rate, frame rate, frame size, channels, and so on. To change the output path, you can click the "Browse"button.

To change the output path, you can click the "Browse" button.



5. Start conversion
Click "Convert" to start converting.

When the FLV conversion is completed, edit the converted videos in Adobe Premiere, or play it on your computer with higher quality and smaller size.

Hopefully the guide on how to convert FLV to AVI will be of help for you!

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