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How to Pick a Best FLV Viewer

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FLV Player

This standalone player is developed for playing FLV files offline, and it supports FLV by H.263, On2 VP6, etc. By double clicking, dragging or dropping, you can enjoy downloaded FLV files with ease. It is 100% free!
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More and more people watch online videos from various video-sharing web sites such as YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Hulu, Fox, Pandora, etc. Some FLV fans would like to download the favorite and funny FLV file off these video-sharing web sites. Then how to play FLV on local computer and how to pick an FLV viewer or player?

Pick a best FLV Viewer?

There are several aspects to evaluate the FLV viewer, in my opinion. Of course, first of all, it must be totally free. You can Google the key words “FLV Viewer” or “FLV Player”, a batch of free FLV viewers will appear. Then which is the best and most convenient?

1. Play FLV encoding with H.264

People always get FLV files from video-sharing web sites. Nowadays Adobe Premiere has developed a new FLV code: H.264. It can produce the higher video quality compared with MP4 compatible with Flash Player. Most video-sharing web sites have received this FLV codec as the video codec of high quality including YouTube. Therefore, the player or viewer must be able to play FLV with the codec H.264. That is the important point.

2. Play local and online FLV.

As an excellent FLV viewer or player, it must contain the function: not only play the local FLV files, but also play online FLV so that the users can watch videos more conveniently and do not need the extra downloading.

3. The easy-to-use interface

Most important point is that the player must be well-operated as most people are not the experts for computers or the software. It is better to play FLV within one or two clicks. That is an important factor for its spreading around the whole world.

Now I recommend the software: Moyea FLV Player, the worth trying and getting FLV viewer. It owns all the points that are mentioned above.

How to play FLV online or offline:

Download the FLV viewer and launch it. The main interface will pop up.  

view flv

Import FLV into the FLV viewer.

Click File button on the main menu. You will see two options:  Open File and Open URL. If you input local FLV, then choose “Open File”. The option “Open URL” is just for enjoying online FLV.


Watch FLV files.

Click View and you can configure some settings. Just view the information about the original FLV.

watch flv

Moreover, you can watch FLV with the full screen and capture one picture for collection or other usages.  Why not have a try? Come on.


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