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Version History of FLV Player

  • Moyea FLV Player 14, 2009)
    1. Enhanced the function of playlist, it is presented in forms of text and thumbnail automatically.
    2. Enhanced the management of Favorites, both playlist and FLV files can be added as Favorites.
    3. Added the function of changing and resetting skins.
    4. Support multiple playing modes.
    5. Added more playing options.
  • Various kinds of FLV files are playable.
    On2 VP6, Nellymoser, or Sorenson Spark (H.263) is all accessible.
  • Support both URL and local FLV files.
    YouTube videos, etc. can be played without downloading.
  • Multiple playing modes
    Support multiple playing modes, like full screen, shuffle, single repeat, etc.
  • Resizable windows plus zoom 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and full-screen mode
    Original size, double size, or full-screen playback for a preferred display
  • Thumbnail picture & Screen saving
    Thumbnail picture capturing and screen saving in no time to catch the exact moment!
  • Display FLV information
    FLV info including version, duration, and video & audio parameters is fully showed for reference.
  • Playlist & Favorites management
    Present playlist in forms of text and thumbnail automatically. Favorites management guarantees you to reach the favorites each time you open the program.
  • Smooth playback
    No audio distortion and video stuck during the playback but high quality display.
  • Easy to manipulate
    Simple interface and traditional menu arrangement for easy manipulation
  • Runs fine on Windows OS platform.
    Perfect compatibility with Windows OS offers a stable playback.

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