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FLV Player

This standalone player is developed for playing FLV files offline, and it supports FLV by H.263, On2 VP6, etc. By double clicking, dragging or dropping, you can enjoy downloaded FLV files with ease. It is 100% free!
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Open source refers to the spreading method for specific software. Generally only the developer or the copyright owner processes the open source codes. However, some program developer makes the source codes public. Therefore the codes for public can be called open source. You can get it for further develop at no charge.

The open source program is released under the open source licenses in order to protect the right to use for the software users. Meanwhile, it allows the users to modify the codes, copy explore and spread around. In a word, basically all the programs that public source codes can be named as open source program.

Differences between open source and Commercial Software:

The most important difference between open source software and commercial software is that open source software is published under licenses which ensure that the source code is available to everyone to inspect, change, download, and explore as they wish. This is the essential meaning and import point. For most developers, open source is a both a source of tools to help solve problems and a constant source of exciting new things to learn. It is related to four factors:

1. The source code.

2. The language in which the software is written.

3. The key to understanding how the software works.

4. People with the right skills obtain and improve it.

The open source about FLV player:

Nowadays, Adobe Flash is more and more popular for spreading on the internet. Batches of FLV converter tools appear in the market in the appreciate time. Of course, some open source can be found online. Now let’s see the simple open source about  FLV player:

Usually the Media component of V2 is pretty good, but MediaDisplay is too big as 55 KB. If you just want to play, then this will be the best solution. The result is smaller than 1 KB:

var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

nc.connect(null);// (setting it to null makes connect read directly local FLV)

var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);


These are simple source examples for Flash Video applications. Feel free to modify and edit them. If interested, please click here to see more specific information:

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