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How to convert MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MOV video formats to FLV to Share Online

Flash Video MX Pro

Flash Video MX Pro

Moyea Flash Video MX Pro, with the main function of video to Flash, SWF conversion, supports H.264, Flash 8 alpha video, F4V video encoding, CuePoint and basic video editing! It provides also vivid video effects, a preloader, and a Flash Player,etc
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If you are an Internet enthusiast and would like to share your MPG video with your friends on the web, your blog, you may be probably confused about the conversion from MPG to the proper file format for real time and efficient online sharing. Flash Video MX offers you the right solutions of converting and encoding the Flash video FLV file that is the proprietary file format for delivering video clips via Flash on the Internet. With the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player, your uploaded FLV Flash video file could be viewed by thousands of audience around the globe on all the operating systems.

This article is a graphical tutorial on how to convert MPG to FLV for online delivery with Flash Video MX. Hopefully you will like this guide and enjoy reading it.

Flash Video MX is able to produce FLV that is ready for web publishing and streaming. You can create Flash video that with customized video quality, frame rate, size, duration, control bar, movie beginning & end, special effects, etc.

Firstly, please download a video converter, and we recommend that you download and install Moyea Flash Video MX

Moyea Flash Video MX is a graphical dialog-box program that enables you to convert and edit your traditional video formats into FLV or SWF files. This is the main interface of the Converter:

Then, please follow the screen instructions step by step, and in the step of “Output Settings”, click “Export settings”, tick the check-box of “Generate FLV file” and “Play outside FLV file” like the picture shows below:

By default, the program will generate an HTML page for you, which gives you the access to post your created FLV file on your blog or other website to share with your friends.
Another important part is the editing function for your end FLV file: you can personalize the Player for your FLV file that is to be played back on the web in the “Player settings”.

Thirdly, you will go to the settings of movie beginning and end.

Of course, you can adjust the settings of the audio and video for your end FLV file in the step of “File Settings” before you proceed to the “Output Settings”.

Then go on to the “Convert” step, and immediately you will get the final FLV file that is ready for you to post online.

Moyea Flash Video MX is a professional Flash Video facility and an ideal choice for professional developers and designers. It is easy to use, yet powerful with excellent performance and can convert different formats of videos into high-quality and small-sized Flash Videos (FLV) in the least time, including that of AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, etc. It can automatically create Flash Video player (SWF) for the generated FLV. Besides, there are various skins and styles in the player to choose.

Now, have try and you will enjoy it.

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