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Free Convert FLV with No Watermark (Trim and Merge)

FLV Editor Pro

FLV Editor Pro

FLV Editor Pro is the fantastic conversion tool for edit FLV. Along with the program, you can convert FLV to AVI, FLV to MPEG, FLV to MP4, FLV to WMV, FLV to MP3, et as well as edit FLV by its powerful editing functions.
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Two free functions for this FLV Converter:
We will often see these words like free try, trial version, etc in the web site for software selling. In order to protect the copyright, the watermark are always  printed on the trial version including image, text and sound. Time limit is contained as well, sometimes. Moyea FLV Editor Pro includes the trial version and full version.

However, it provides two free functions in trial version:

1. Free trim FLV

2. Free Join FLV

No watermark and interferential sound! No time limit! Same as the full version for these two free functions!

Convert FLV to FLV:

FLV Editor Pro can convert FLV to FLV or output original FLV without recoding. The later is providing the free functions. No watermark and no time limit! If just want to join multiple FLV and trim the length of video clips, then FLV Editor Pro couldn’t be better choice!

The main interface of FLV Editor Pro:

flv editor

1. How to join FLV files:

After importing FLV files into the sequence list, click “Merge” icon and select “Merge” for merging and cutting or “Copy Merge” for copying and merging. Note: before merging, you must first select video clips. (Not the sequences).
join FLV files

2. Free  trim FLV files:

Free to trim FLV files

3. How to output FLV without recoding:

output FLV without recoding

Really free FLV Joiner and trimmer!

Are you interested in the command line program for merging FLV files? Here is another FREE program: FLV Binder! The complete solution of the command line for joining FLV!


What is watermark?

A watermark referred to here is a recognizable image, text, or sound, which identifies the file’s information like copyright, author, etc. Usually the purpose of watermarks is to provide copyright protection for various kinds of “products”, especially in software industry.

Solution for Vista system:

This FLV converter program is not only for XP system, but also for Vista. Let you use it more freely, regardless of XP users or Vista users. Enjoy your Vista System with the converter tool, bring you the fantastic feelings! Do not hesitate! Vista users!

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