Manual Center Post Flash Video on eBay and Yahoo to Enhance Your Online ...

Post Flash Video on eBay and Yahoo to Enhance Your Online Auctions

Flash Video MX Std

Flash Video MX Std

Moyea Flash Video MX Std is to convert video to FLV/SWF, convert FLV to SWF for video-sharing on websites in a easier way. It is powerful to edit, convert, play and share videos on the web with its optimized powerful functions.
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We know that including photos in auction descriptions usually boosts sales, but rolling out soon is something that just might vault us to the next level of seller credibility: videos.
Flash Player is the world’s most pervasive software platform, used in over 98% of Internet-enabled PC’s worldwide as well as a wide range of other hand held devices. Flash has become the ideal platform to serve video using FLV Audio/Video file format.

By watching the video, a buyer can actually see the product work; for example, watch a laptop boot up before bidding on it. The videos can also be used on an eBay About Me page. using swf video in ebay or yahoo Auction help online auction sellers earn the trust of their buyers, and this could translate into higher amounts paid for the items sold.

Deploying video over the net? Consider Flash!

Flash video works with or without a streaming server, plays on all platforms & browsers, and streams through firewalls.

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