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HD on Apple TV - How to Get AVCHD video clips on Apple TV?

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“I have an Sony AVCHD Camcorder. iMac 24” 8,1 (early 08), FCE, iMovie ’09, and AppleTV (new 160gb).


I want to watch my HD clips on my AppleTV. I’ve read ALL DAY (so, I’m incriminating myself) on the forum on how to get HD from iMovie and FCE onto my AppleTV and I have zero luck.

I have exported 30 second AVCHD clips till I’m blue using every means I know how in iMovie, FCE, and QT Pro. I have come to the conclusion that I do not know how to get the movie onto AppleTV correctly. Regardless of what format the movie ends up in, iTunes wants me to "convert it" so it is AppleTV compatible. Up until this point, the video is awesome. Afterwards, it stinks. Is there a way to get it on the AppleTV without the iTunes downgrade? I kept trying thinking that I would hit a format that iTunes like and would upload "as is" to AppleTV. No luck.”



If you are surfing on, you may find that some people have the puzzles about how to get HD video clips on Apple TV for playback like the above. Here the guide is mainly to show you an easy way to get AVCHD video clips on Apple TV to resolve your problems.


Since AVCHD video clips can not be accepted by Apple TV, it is necessary to convert AVCHD video to Apple TV compatible formats, like H.264 (*.mp4), MPEG-4 (*.mp4), etc. But how to keep the output quality as the original after converting? A good AVCHD to Apple TV Converter will be your best choice.

Now, please free download the good AVCHD Converter here, install and run it. Its main interface will show as below:

Convert MTS/M2TS video clips from AVCHD camcorders to Apple TV

Step 1: Load your AVCHD video clips into this program

Click the “Add” button to load your AVCHD video clips or directly drag your AVCHD files to it.

Step 2: Choose output format for Apple TV

Click the drop-down list “Format” to choose Apple TV compatible formats. Apple TV H.264 960x540 at 30 frames per second and Apple TV H.264 1280x720 at 24 frames per second are recommended here, which can keep the best output quality on Apple TV for great enjoyment.

Select the best output format for Apple TV, H.264 MP4

If interested, you can also customize its file size, frame rate, codec, bitrate, channles, etc. after clicking the “Settings” button. Or, you can combine several AVCHD video clips into a single one by checking the “Merge into one file” option.


Step 3: Convert

After the above settings, you are able to start AVCHD to Apple TV conversion by clicking the “Convert” icon. Then, you will get the converted HD video for Apple TV without quality loss in its default folder within a short time. Next, transfer the HD video clips on your Apple TV for playing. By the way, Batch conversion is also supported by this program.


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