News Center Apple iPhone 4&BlackBerry Torch 9800&Motorola Droid X - Top Hot Smartphones

Apple iPhone 4&BlackBerry Torch 9800&Motorola Droid X - Top Hot Smartphones

The market is full of latest smartphones, (like Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Motorola Droid X, Droid 2, etc ) and even though, you have a huge variety to choose from, you often get confused. Here is a comparative analysis between Apple iPhone 4, Blackberry Torch 9800 and Motorola Droid X.



Enjoy HD videos on iPhone 4 for a good visual effect


Apple iPhone 4

This handset was highly awaited smartphone of the year. Apple released it on June 24th at $200 with 2 year contract, through AT&T. The phone has a 3.5 inch screen, retina display technology, FaceTime and various other applications that run on iOS4.0 currently. And the Apple iPhone 4 supports HD video recording and editing. With the Apple iPhone 4, we can easily enjoy 720p video anywhere and anytime.


Put and play videos on BlackBerry Torch 9800


Blackberry Torch 9800

RIM may have its issues with overseas countries, but when it comes to releasing good smartphones, the company does its job amicably. The Blackberry Torch 9800 has a full physical keypad that is sliding. There is also a touch pad and the phone itself runs on the Blackberry OS 6. You can enjoy the all new interface and the 5 mega pixel camera that comes along with Torch 9800.


Droid X and Apple iPhone


Droid X

This phone came with a pre installed version of the Android OS 2.1. Don’t worry; the respective carriers will be launching an OTA update with Android 2.2 soon. The phone boasts of a nice 4.3 inch touchscreen, HD camera and dual LED flashes. This handset was released by Verizon on August 15 at $200 with w year contract.


All in all, each mobile device has its own good sides. Just Choose the one that can meet all yout requirements.


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