News Center A Public Mail to Customers upon the Release of Flash Video MX 4.0

A Public Mail to Customers upon the Release of Flash Video MX 4.0

————–Moyea Releases Moyea Flash Video MX 4.0

Dear Customers,

The News Center of Moyea Software is glad to inform you that Moyea Software has announced the release of Moyea Flash Video MX 4.0. This is the latest version of Flash Video MX, built on the repeated testing and practical application of the Moyea development team and customer service team, as well as the valued feedbacks from the worldwide customers.

The version 4.0 of Flash Video MX is a great leap forward upon the existing version 3.5. This upgrade has seen day-after-day accumulated efforts and devotion of Moyea development team, and is promising to bring you surprise for editing Flash videos.

Now, we would like to demonstrate to you the highlights of the newly-upgraded version of Moyea Flash Video MX. Compared with the last version, the version 4.0 is distinguished for the following features:

1. Greatly-enhanced functionality of the FLV Player. With this version of Flash Video MX, you can create easy-to-use, powerful and professional FLV Players at finger tips. New features and prominent functions of the FLV Player are as follows:
a. The function to display specified images or graphics when starting to play FLV files.
b. The function to specify the scale mode of the FLV Player.
c. The function to allow users to display or hide the buttons on the control bar.
d. Several options for users to customize the settings when the playback is over.
e. The option of displaying a big play button when starting to play FLV files, and users could adjust the style, position and size of the big button.
f. Several styles of preloader, such as bluish green, soft, gorgeous, lively, etc.
g. The option to automatically load the movie, hide the mouse cursor and rewind the video to the beginning.
h. The option to unload video when the playing is stopped or not.
k. Support specifying the smallest size of the FLV Player that is possible for playing FLV files.
l. The option to keep the aspect ratio of video or not when the video is stretched.
m. Many other advanced functions for you to further expand the functionality of the FLV Player to meet your particular needs.
n. The function to control all the settings of the FLV Player via external codes (this function is exclusive to the registered version).
o. The function to save your favorite settings or configurations in the profile for future reference.

2. Having some new players in the upgraded version.

3. The function to compress the output Flash files.

4. Support importing images with Alpha Channel into the program as the logo for your output Flash files.

5. Support previewing the effect in a window that floats when adjusting the settings for your output files.

In the new added features of the version 4.0, the consolidated features of the FLV Player and the function to compress output files as well as to import customized images as logo are quite spectacular in the Flash Video MX. With these enhanced and advanced functions to edit Flash videos and Flash movies, the program could come up with more valued solutions for designers and professionals.

To obtain these solutions, you would have pay an extra $25 in addition to the previous $49.95 of the existing version 3.5 of Moyea Flash Video MX.

If you have interest to try the unregistered version of Flash Video MX 4.0, please download the trial installation program from

After downloading the trial installation program of Flash Video MX 4.0 from the official website of Moyea Software and starting to install, a pop-up window will ask you to uninstall your previous registered version of Flash Video MX. You can follow the instructions on the window to uninstall the old program and install the new trial version. It’s OK.

After installing Flash Video MX 4.0, you can install the retail version of Flash Video MX 3.5 again to another folder. Please download the retail version of Flash Video MX 3.5 from the download link and serial number we offered after your purchase.

Any comments or suggestions on the version of Moyea Flash Video MX 4.0, you’re welcome to write to; or call at +86-512-5701-7982 (Monday-Friday, 9 am. to 6 pm. GMT+ 8, Beijing Time).

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