News Center The latest reviews of the New Apple iPod Touch 4G

The latest reviews of the New Apple iPod Touch 4G

Since Apple’ s new iPod Touch 4G was unveiled on September 1, along with iPhone Nano, Apple TV announcements, there are more and more reviews about the new Apple iPod Touch 4G to help users make up their mind. After all, there are so many iPod Touch lovers in our life. If you are just one of them, the latest reviews as below will do a favor for you.

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In fact, the touchscreen media player, new iPod Touch, has two cameras, front and back. Therefore, Adam Hartley at Techradar describes the new iPod Touch 4G as Jewel in Apple’s iPod crown. What’s more, the Facetime application will be a hit with teenagers to a large extent.


In Adam Hartley's own words, “Aside from the massively improved screen, the next biggest new feature on the new iPod touch is the introduction of two cameras, which allow 720p HD video recording and also allow you to use Apple's FaceTime video-calling app, so you can talk to any of your mates and family with iPhones (or new iPod touches).”


Hartley further says, “This is sure to be a massive boon to students and younger users who either don't want (or, more likely, are not financially able) to get tied into long-term mobile contracts, yet still want to use their iPod touch for instant messaging and video calling. It is, as we heard more than one punter mumble at today's London showcase, a potential game-changer. Although whether or not it will cannibalise the demand for Apple's iPhone 4 remains to be seen.”


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There is another review came from Joshua Topolsky at Engadget. He describles iPod Touch 4G as the thinner iPhone 4 with almost similar or identical functionality but lower quality still camera.


Topolsky says, “The design is relatively in keeping with previous touches, so no major surprises there, but the inclusion of that A4 chip, higher resolution screen, and front and back cameras makes it a far more versatile device.”


Finally Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo had this to say, “An iPod touch with a camera. It's a powerful proposition. The fact that it can replace a camera makes it that much more powerful of a gadget, that much more of a threat to everything else—because that means it really can replace everything in a manbag or purse but the phone—iPod, camera, notepad, gaming device, the list goes on. And it's everything that's great about the iPhone 4, but without the technological venereal disease that is a two-year AT&T contract. It's approachable, even to people who aren't super tech savvy—they can keep their simple, reliable phone on any carrier and use the iPod touch right along with it. That's a killer gadget.”


Do you agree with which one there? To be honest, the new iPod Touch looks like a killer gadget.


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