News Center iPod Touch 4G&iPhone 4 - The Feature of Retina Display

iPod Touch 4G&iPhone 4 - The Feature of Retina Display

If you are iPod Touch Fans, you must be impressed with those new added features including gyroscope, front and rear cameras, a retina display and a new processor similar to the Apple iPhone 4 when Apple has unveiled the new iPod Touch on September 1.

iPod Touch 4G retina display inferior compared to iPhone4

However, now it seems that there are two drawbacks in order to make the iPod Touch slimmer or decease the price. Firstly the rear camera of the new iPod Touch which can shoot video in 720p can only take photos at 0.7MP while the iPhone 4 can take 5MP. What a big difference!


Secondly the retina display isn’t exactly the same as the iPhone 4 according to 9 to 5 Mac. You can compare the technical specifications of the Apple iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch by going to Apple’s website. Actually, it doesn’t specifucally say that the iPod Touch has a “Retina display” and there is no mention of the contrast ratio either though the new iPod Touch has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4.


Due to its drawbacks you may need a second thought before buying the new iPod Touch or upgrading to the new iPod Touch. But, the new iPod Touch is still a big mobile phone on the market.

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