News Center HTC Desire HD - A Strong Competitor for Samsung Galaxy S

HTC Desire HD - A Strong Competitor for Samsung Galaxy S

What would you get, HTC Desire HD or Samsung Galaxy S?

HTC Desire HD is a strong competitor for Samsung Galaxy S

HTC Desire HD has been released to be a competitor for successful Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4. But what’s HTC Desire HD particularity is the success and this phone really at its best. 


First, the HTC Desire HD, (also the Samsung Galaxy S) which is obviously a test. But then – and especially – it seems awfully fluid, which for me is one of the greatest qualities must have a smartphone (and this also I like the iPhone 4). HTC Android gives everything he needs to get its capabilities, and it makes you want.


In looking more ready I have not seen any features that are lacking in this iOS HTC Desire HD, except maybe the screen resolution (all features are here). Google definitely has no intention of releasing Apple’s smartphone market and in particular applications. Good. Will we really one rival Android Market App Store, now with the HTC Desire HD? Response in 2 years maximum.


After the release of HCT Evo 4G in the U.S., it was expected to land a variant of this phone in Europe, the HTC Desire HD. “Finally!” The HTC Desire HD has just been presented, it is of course different from its congener, but equally impressive.


I had the chance to take control of the HTC Desire HD presented in London last week. Firstly, its 4.3 inch screen is unbelievable with its dimension which can not be missed”. With a similar resolution of HTC Desire, 480 x 800 pixels, HTC Desire HD is unfortunately not equipped with either the Super AMOLED LCD, but a TFT-LCD screen is a classic mature with good performance but less bright colors and black less “black” (lower contrast). HTC Desire HD is of course multi-touch technology with a capacitive touchscreen which is higher than that used by the Desire (only dual-touch). With a screen of this type, we could almost speak of a tablet, the experience is simply superior with the HTC Desire HD over the Samsung Galaxy S. Note that the HTC Desire HD does not have a kickstand on the rear seat; EVO 4G on this crutch is nevertheless very useful because it allows users to watch a movie on a table without having to hold the phone.


Furthermore, when we look at the thickness of HTC Desire HD it is only 1.18 cm, that is to say similar to Desire. announced by HTC is greater than the autonomy of the latter. It will wait for cons tests to confirm the manufacturer. On the front of the HTC Desire HD there are four touch buttons but no optical pad. Perhaps, in my opinion, one of his negatives. I’ve become quite a fan of the optical pad, especially for making corrections when I type text on the HTC Desire HD. To address this lack, HTC has just added the directional buttons on the keyboard. The buttons are tactile and responsive, however I would have preferred that the home button is physical as is the case on the Acer Stream. This prevents erroneous’ touch typing.


The HTC Desire HD is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera on the back capable of filming in 1280 x 720 pixels (HD 720p) all supported by two flash LEDs. By cons, no front camera (webcam) contrary to the EVO. A disappointment that side, because the EVO is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera for teleconferencing. HTC Desire HD has really won in finishing with a rear aluminum shell and an improvement over that of Desire. It is much better in hand and seems more solid, for example I have experienced no cracking even pushy. For former users of Windows Mobile, you have noticed the similarities with the HTC Desire HD2.


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