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YouTube FLV Downloader Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: I downloaded the program: YouTube FLV Downloader. But I am not very clear about how to capture a video for download.
A:The monitor program is set inside of this FLV downloader. The program helps you detect and capture the URL of the playing FLV files automatically in the detection list section where you could easily select the FLV you like to download.

Q2: Where to find the downloaded FLV files?
A:You can see the download information in the process of downloading. When the download process is finished, you can find the downloaded FLV file in three positions: the specified output folder in your PC, "Movie" or "Music" tab in "Downloaded" tab and "Library" under the Downloader section of the program.

Q3: How to configure it if I want to download several FLV video files at the same time?
A: Click "Option > Normal" and then set or choose the value in "Simultaneous Download Task(1~5)" drop-down list to make it.

Q4: Does YouTube FLV Downloader work with Windows Vista? A friend of mine has downloaded the downloader and cannot get it to download under Vista. Additionally, he cannot view any further videos on YouTube until he unloads the FLV downloader. Is this a problem with Vista or AOL? Thanks for any help you can provide.
A:Yes, it surly can. If you can not get it to download under Vista, it is because of the protect mode you set in the IE7.

Q5: How can I configure it if I want to make all the downloaded FLV files use the original name on video-sharing web site?
A: No worry. The program will download the FLV files with its original name by default.

Q6: How to download YouTube FLV videos to other formats?
A: The software is only free to download FLV/F4V videos from video-sharing websites. If you want to convert the downloaded FLV videos, there is another alternative tool - Foxreal FLV Converter which is powerful to convert any FLV/F4V to other popular formats with high quality.

Q7: How to set the output folder and rename the video file I want to download?
A: Click the URL file you want to download, a dialog-box will show up where you could easily enter the output path to save the downloaded file in "Save to" box. At the same time, you could rename the video file from its "Save as" option.

Q8: What's the differences between your YouTube FLV Downloader Pro and YouTube FLV Downloader?
A: Beside free downloading Flash videos from YouTube, Google, etc like Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader, the Foxreal YouTube FLV Downloader Pro has added more functions. You can use it to convert the downloaded FLV video and other local videos to other popular video/audio formats with ease. You can also use its UPnP connectivity to share videos on UPnP supported devices or with other UPnP-clients in a fast way.

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