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FLV Binder

FLV Binder is an easy-to-use command line free tool that allows you to join, combine, bind multiple FLV(Flash video) files to one flv file. Then you can convert a bunch of FLV files into an entire video file with FLV to Video converter. For example, If you want to combine 1.flv,2.flv,3.flv…5.flv into one demo.flv, simply this order in command line “flvbind demo.flv 1.flv 2.flv 3.flv 4.flv 5.flv” helps do the job. Full use of syntax: Use: flvbind dest_file src_file1 src_file2 … combine src_file1, src_file2, …into dest_file.

Free FLV Binder


  • FLV Binder is a command line tool to combine several FLV files into one, follow this tutorial,

    Installation guide:

    Extract the files from the zip file to windowssystem32

    Usage help:

    [Start Menu] -> [Run] -> Type “cmd” and return to run command prompt ->
    Type flvbind all.flv 1.flv 2.flv to bind 1.flv and 2.flv and make all.flv

    Full usage syntax:
    Usage: flvbind dest_file src_file1 src_file2 …

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  • System Requirement

    Windows 2000 and above

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