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Feature of Flash Video Server

  • High performance
    Flash Video Server is a highly multi-threaded server that provides perfect performance for video on demand, live streaming, and remote recording.
  • Unlimited connections
    Supports connections above 10000 at the same time, data delivery interval within 1ms with permitted bandwidth, synchronous live streaming which allows users with the worst bandwidth to play the latest pictures.
  • Manageability
    Provides complete, infrastructure management consoles, with which administrators can create new virtual host, add new application, create new instances, manage users, manage applications, and monitor the applications and users.
  • Security
    Function of specifying power to users, IP addresses, and domain names enables administrators to define certain authority to visit the server.
  • Deliverability
    Support FLV uploading with FTP, playing with Flash player, and recording as well as delivering live video from PC camera.

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