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Version History of Foxreal DVD Ripper

Foxreal DVD Ripper V 1.6.4

(Jan. 13,2012)

1. Corrected the tool tips on Conversion and Full Disc Copy Window (for BD/DVD/Ultimate Series).
2. Fixed the problem that you can't insert numbers correctly in L/T/W/H boxes in Crop tab.
3. Fixed the default output path problem for some languages.
4. Fixed import and edit problems of some specific audio files. (For Video Converter Series)
5. Not to remember Volume settings in Editing Window.
6. Optimized the UI appearance.
7. Added hot key control function in Edit Window.(Space key for Play/Pause; "[" for start point to trim; "]” for end point to trim, Up/Down key to flip video vertically; Left/Right key to flip horizontally.)


Foxreal DVD Ripper V 1.6.3

(Dec. 21,2011)

1. A few known bugs fixing
2. Optimized the program interface
3. Optimized Crop functionality


Foxreal DVD Ripper V 1.6.2

(Nov. 23,2011)

1. Optimize international interface
2. Add window&sound alert when conversion complete
3. Add more ratio options in "Crop" tab.
4. Fix other known bugs.
5. Optimize "Full Disc Copy".


Foxreal DVD Ripper V 1.6.1
(Nov.  1,2011)
1. Address the issue of error conversion when the source file name contains space.
2. Address the issue that sometimes mistake the main character when analyzing DVD discs.


Foxreal DVD Ripper V 1.3.4
(Sep.  23, 2011)

1. Optimize the responding to the import of BD/DVD ISO/IFO.
2. Add a profile of Avid DNxHD.
3. Add a new option of Decoder for new Intel decoding acceleration.
4. Add profiles of new devices.
5. Performance enhanced with a lower CPU utilization.
6. Fix known bugs.


 Foxreal DVD Ripper V
(Aug 5, 2011)
1. Performance improved
    a. Global performance improved. CPU utilization optimized.
    b. Progressing of importing ISO/IFO file optimized.
    c. Other improvements.
2. User-experience optimized.
3. Some known bugs fixed.


Foxreal DVD Ripper V
(June 9, 2011)

1. Added iPad 2, Xoom profiles.
2. Fixed some known bugs.
3. Optimized some functions of the program.


Foxreal Dvd ripper V

(April 1, 2011)

1. Optimized the performance of the software.

2. Improved certain details to get more friendly customer experience.

3. Added the support to automatically check DVD main movie files after loading DVDs.

4. Optimized the function of "Shut download computer after conversion" for few short files.

5. Improved the registration problem under certain environment.

6. Optimized the functions of "Image/Video Watermark" and "Trim" in the Editor panel.


Foxreal DVD Ripper V

(March 30, 2011)

1. Optimized settings for certain profiles.


Foxreal DVD Ripper V

(February 25, 2011)

1.Support all the functions and features of Moyea DVD Converter.

2.Added the support of CUDA acceleration to decrypt and rip DVD movies from DVD discs, DVD folder or ISO/IFO image files with 5x faster speed.

3.Optimized profiles for conveting DVD to iPad/Droid X/HTC EVO 4G/Galaxy S with the best video format.

4.Support timely technical support and product update in lifetime.

DVD Ripper V
(Dec. 11, 2009)
1. Add output format *.DV and special output profile for converting to Nintento Wii.
2. Rectified the inconvertible error occurs in nonstop converting one DVD after another.


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